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The Stalker in me I guess.

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MrVista360 said...
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Quick poll. So I turned on the XBOX last night to play some Rise of the Argonauts (Good game BTW) and as soon as I signed into XBL and got my friends online notification, I caught myself immediately going to the menu to see who was on and what they were playing, even though it had nothing to do with my game.

Just wondering if it's only my pyschosis or is everyone guilty as well?
Rise of the Argonauts

Rise of the Argonauts (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 16/DEC/08
Emblem for Genome

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Yep, I generally browse my friend's list before I decide what to play.
I will take the time to check out what my friends are playing if I haven't talked to them in some time.
Yeah, I do that.
Same here, although I do it in Steam.
Dude. All the time :D
Yeah, if I get on to play a game, it never works out. I end up playing whatever everyone else is playing.
I don't know how to not do that...
I always check what everyone on my friends list(s) are playing. They might be playing a game I have never seen before or checking to see if they have the same or more achievements or trophies compared to me.
I do that, not just on the 360 either. It rarely effects or changes what I'm going to play though. It might if the games they were playing were ones that I was enjoying the multiplayer on at the time.
I don't have a 360 and therefore never check the network at all, but there are paralells to other networks.

I can do pretty much the same thing City of Heroes. If I open my Friends window and display friends by global name, I can see which character and which server they are on.

I really don't do this unless I'm looking for somebody, either a specific person or someone to team up with. The rest of the time, I just jump into the game.

BTW, your nudge worked just fine.
I do the same thing too. Sometimes I stare at their gamertag for a few minutes and try to picture them naked.
In certain cases, I don't have to imagine. I have screenshots of them naked.
@LordXenophon please share!
I believe I might have a topless picture of Svoboda that I could get away with posting. Give me a minute to find it in my massive collection of screenshots...
This had better be another one of your tricks.
@LordXenophon .

Omg! Hawt11!!1!!!!1!
Yep. Everybody enjoys a good topless pic.
Woohoo! Topelss Svoboda!
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