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Never really ever been answered....

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Age old question....Why doesn't Frodo just ride the eagle to Mount Doom?
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That's the one thing that really annoys me about LOTR. I forget it each time I sit and watch the boxsets, and at the end of the third one I always end up yelling "WHY NOT DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!"
According to The Silmarillion, Eagles (or more appropriately Rocs) are Maiar (angels). They are servants of Manwe' Sulimo, King of the Valar (greater gods), making them quite literally deus ex machina devices. The Eagles provide help when Manwe' wishes them to do so.

Tolkien’s gods, whether the Valar or Eru Iluvatar (God) Himself, are the kind who created the world and then sit back to watch all the fun.

The Eagles don’t make the quest to destroy the Ring because the gods want mortals to solve the problem on their own. Once Frodo and Sam have completed their tasks, then the gods reward them by (a) rescuing them from certain death and (b) allowing them to make the voyage to the Uttermost West.

But what about Gandalf you might be asking? Why are these Eagles always rescuing him? Because Gandalf is a mortal manifestation of the Maia Olorin (if I could put it in terms that the book is describing, it's like Christ), sent by Manwe' to aid mortals in the fight against Sauron. So Gandalf has a special hotline to divine intersession. And when he dies (like Christ), the Valar send him back to try again (...."And on the third day he rose again....").

Anyway, long story short the Eagles don’t fly Frodo to Mordor because the "Gods" don’t want it going down that way.
That and the enemy fortress with a giant all seeing eye and millions of archers and seige equipment makes aerial stuff a bit dodgy at best :P
Don't forget Sauron is also a maiar avatar, and a higher ranking one than Gandalf. So is Sarumon. At the end of the story, Galdalf is the highest ranking maiar avatar left standing.
Sarumon was still alive. In the movie, he was locked in his tower. In the book, he was busy terrorizing Hobbiton.
That is an awesome answer Wastelander. I couldn't make it through the Silmarillion myself so thank you for the quick summary.
Me too @twilsonxpert, great summary @Wastelander-75!
Thanks. I read too much I know. But there are perks to doing it.
I had to do a book report on the Silmarillon.
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