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MrVista360 said...
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How much wood could a Keflings chuck, if a Kefling could chuck wood?
A World of Keflings

A World of Keflings (X360)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 22/DEC/10
Emblem for Genome

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3. No wait, 4!
How much waste could Wastey waste if Wastey could waste waste?
but to answer the question. Probably 2.
And........thats what she said... *classic 1950s rim.*......er..wait..no..That saying just sounds WAY to creepy in this instance
inorite? Thanks for creepin' the thread out Ho-Bo.
Bo aint no ho no mo.
you still giving it out to that special someone right?
Errrrr.THOSE ARE NOT PILLOWS!!! How' bout those Vikings, good year, good year, Vikings going all the way this year.....
I miss John Candy. Funny guy.
Ah, but yes, special someone is still here.
Tell her she still owes me 20 bucks.
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