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Dodged a reality bullet!!

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MrVista360 said...
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Just dodged the massive hurricane called Earl. It was making a bee-line to here in Myrtle Beach but did a "Weapons of Fate" bullet curve and passed to Kill Devil Hills. Been through a lot of these and Category 4 is ABSOLUTLEY nothing to mess around with!

Dodging rolling boulders in the new Laura Croft Gaurdian of Light (is very fun BTW), and swatting bats in Castlevania Harmony of despair is ok, but tracking another damn storm heading at you is a true dose of nail bitting reality. And with two brewing out there still at the half way point, I can't wait for November when the season is over.

And it don't require a yearly subscription....8^)
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glad to hear it passed ya by
Yeah, I can imagine it is nail biting stuff, we don't get many hurricanes in London, England! I'm glad you are ok mate!!
Thanks guys!..Wasn't posting for sympathy just blowing off steam ! But truly appreciate the support...8^)

On a lighter note I passed the 42K gamerscore last night. Eventually I would like to achieve 45K before the end of 2010,
with no cheaters, (Avatar...etc).....have some new multiplayers..tag me on XBL if you want to join in
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