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MrVista360 played Forza Motorsport 3: Limited Edition

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MrVista360 said...
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Played this demo yesterday with the Micro$oft wheel I bought last year. Just blown away! I 'm really not into simulations that much, and Forza 2 really didn't do too much for me, but this game felt great. It also FINALLY made me feel like I got my moneys worth for the wheel.

The in-cockpit camera angle has great detail, all the way to the different dash layouts as you change cars, to the cars can be seen moving in your rear view mirror. When you turn on the collision damaged in the game with the force feedback steering wheel you can feel the car start to pull in the direction of any sustained damage to the car. Trivial I know to some but I found it quite impressive. I believe I'll have to buy this one...8^)

Forza Motorsport 3: Limited Edition

Forza Motorsport 3: Limited Edition (X360)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 27/OCT/09
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Good to hear. I'm enjoyed Forza 2 as a filler game when there weren't a lot of great games coming out. Forza 3 simply looks like an improved and updated one, so I'm certainly interested in trying this out. I guess I should check out the demo.
Unfortunately I think yesterday was the last day to be able to download it from XBL {according to the date listed on it--like Brutal Legend} if I read it correctly. I was just browsing the downloads last night and stumbled across it.

I think release is set for Oct. 27 {for the GameFly Q reminder}
Awe, that's too bad. Oh well, I'll just add it to my GameFly queue. I don't think I'll be getting to it at release anyway. I have so many games to catch up on.
Sounds great! No longer have a 360, but tempted to get one, the only problem is, I don't have enough time to play my PS3, let alone a 360 as well!!!
Question, do I suck or is it a hrd game? :P I spent a lot of time failing in that game demo even on easy mode. To be fair I was terrible at GT back on ps2 as well.
@jimothyjim I personally sucked at Forza 2, and when I seen Forza 3 I downloaded it out of boredom and thought "Oh well her we go". But after taking that first lap the mechanics of the game just felt WAY better than F2. In fact for me after buckling down and playing this Sim, when I played the Need for Speed Shift demo I had a hard time adjusting to the arcade style again at first.
There's a line on the track telling me where to go and when to break/accelerate and I still spent a lot of time in the wall. I'm not saying the controls are bad, im just saying I can't use them lol
maybe put the difficulty to casual instead
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